Winchester based International award nominated beauty and skincare expert Sarah Bacchus offers Signature, Galvanic Spa or salon grade LED Facials in a relaxed private enviroment. Sarah has trained to NVQ Level 3 facial electrical and specialises in facial treatments for anti ageing and rejuvenation. 

A regular facial can help you restore the elasticity of your skin and combat acne and impurities. It will rejuvenate your skin, diminish fine lines and can help combat rosacea. Sarah's Signature Collagen Boosting Anti Ageing Massage, Galvanic Spa or LED Facials are the most popular types of non-surgical skin enhancement and is designed to tighten, lift and firm the skin making you look and feel more radiant. For the best results its recommend to have a facial once a week for a 6 week period. Then after your course having one top-up treatment a month for maintenance.

Sarah delivers bespoke facials each and every time. They will leave you feeling rejuvenated and youthful. Her facials involve a series of beauty treatments which aim to restore a healthy, clear complexion and balance to your skin.

Signature Facial £40

Sarah's signature facial will leave your skin feeling supper soft, refined and fresh. The bespoke manual massage will leave your face, neck and shoulders feeling truly pampered and relaxed. Sarah's facials are much more than the basic cleanse, tone and moisturise routine, each and every treatment varies from person to person. Skincare is both an art and a science. The range of products she uses will guarantee you see instant results. But over time with regular treatments you will be able to slow the ageing process drastically. A regular facial should be part of your routine after the age of 25. 

Galvanic Spa Facial £60

For a little while now celebrities and those in the know are raving about Galvanic facials. Its all about anti ageing and they have been booking themselves in to beauty clinics on a weekly basis. Galvanic is a deep, cleansing treatment that draws impurities out of the skin by softening dead skin cells and sebum. This is performed before the next stage, the anti ageing, lifting and iontophoresis treatment. 

Galvanic Spa facials are great for every skin type. 

  • Greasy Skin - To deeply cleanse and kick-start sluggish skin
  • Dry Skin - To accelerate flow of sebum and remove adhesions
  • Preparation of skin for iontophoresis - allowing for deep absorption of anti ageing products
 LED Light therapy Winchester 

LED Light Therapy + £50 

Turn back the clock in just 20 minutes. This 20 minute professional salon grade LED light-therapy facial provides hydrated, brightened, plumped, glowing and flawless skin in a pain free way. Its the number one anti ageing beauty treatment in Harvey Nichols and Liberty's. So popular they have a waiting list. But now it's available here at 2Boxes beauty boutique. 

LED is a very gentle form of long wave light therapy. Its totally pain free and uses a narrow spectrum of red, green or blue light beams to mimic a wound and put your skin cells into repair mode. 

The menu of different colours delivers different treatments depending on what you require. Red light is for anti ageing, Green light is used for pigmentation and blue light is for Anti-bacterial and cleansing. The treatment is professionally tailored to your skin requirements and individual needs. The results are astonishing from the first session. You will see pores and fine lines diminish and your skin will take on more nutrients instantly. 

There’s no downtime and the anti ageing, tighter and brighter results are instant. This facial phenomenon takes just 20 minutes and requires zero downtime. Booking in for a weekly routine will help achieve and maintain taught, clean, bright, healthy skin.

*LED light therapy is an add on service. Sarah is so confident in the treatment that your first one is 1/2 price (usually it's £50 for 20 minutes) and can be added to most other beauty services like gel nails, manicures and pedicures - it isn't recommended with a spay tan!! Please ask for a discount when booking regular beauty treatments. 

Home Maintenance & Advice section

If you cant make an appointment to see me and want to start to look after your skin from within, take a look at the video below. I recommend Collagen Shots to all my clients when I see them for any facial treatment. Its their home essential care kit in one product.