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Autumn & Winter Trends 2016 Check out the new trends for 2016. I hope this is helpful for all you lovely fashion forward followers. 

Beauty, Life & Style Secrets

Todays little video I share a couple of my little secrets for looking good, and feeling happy. My main 2 daily essentials are NuSkin Tru Face Essence Ultra & MyLash. Both have really made a big difference to my overall appearance. One...I have better skin, and two my lashes are beautiful, longer and much thicker. The result I look and feel younger than ever!

Salon Chat Episode 2 - New In Beauty 

Here is a little new in beauty haul. This is what I have been sent this week to feature in my photoshoots. I have used a few of these products already and loved them. I shoot for model portfolios and where possible collaborate with brands to ensure the images are as up to dat as possible. 

NuSkin ageLoc Me

The Long awaited NuSkin ageLoc Me machine review is here. Its so important too look after your skin whatever age you are. More importantly when your a more mature lady or even gentleman or a model. 

Studio & Salon Chat With Elle Thomas

Here is the first episode of the new series Studio & Salon Chat. We take you behind the scenes in the beauty room while we get to know our models, actresses and clients. We get up close and personal with them, learn some of their professional beauty tricks, and hear about some of their hilarious mishaps. Make sure you subscribe so you don't miss one single episode.


Beauty Studio Room Tour

Welcome to 2Boxes. Do you love being a bit nosy, do you love room tours and do you like to see what goes on behind closed doors?  In todays video we invite you to come in and have a quick look about the beauty studio and editing room. 

About Us

Come hear just a little bit more about us! What we offer, what you can expect and why we are different to many other photography, styling and beauty companies. The details matter for every single shoot we do. We collaborate with brands and source everything you need for a perfect shoot. 

What to bring to a photoshoot

Here is a video all about what to bring to a photoshoot. We work with some amazing models but sometimes the looks are let down by the items they bring to the photoshoots! This one is for all of our lovely models to watch before they come along to the studio and salon. 

Behind The scenes 

Come with us behind the scenes on the latest portfolio shoot! Just a quick sneaky peak with one of the nicest models we have met in months. We created various looks for Kim Michelle. Here is a little video we shot while out and about with her for the day! Images coming soon to 2boxesphoto.com

Creating A Capsule Wardrobe 

Every 6 months to a year have a revamp of your wardrobe. Get out all of your clothing and put into a huge (yes huge) pile on the bed. Then methodically go through all the items. Make sure they fit, make you look fantastic and most importantly make you feel amazing. Challenge yourself to keeping your wardrobe as small as you can. Only allowing yourself to purchase 1 or 2 quality items each month. Watch the video for more information, my top professional tips and advice about sorting out your closet. 

Our YouTube Channel

Our 2Boxes Beauty Youtube channel is a place where you will be inspired or discover professional information about the beauty industry. Educational tips, advice and guidance from qualified professionals for real people. Behind the scenes on photoshoots, makeup advice, nail care, nail art to what goes on working in the beauty industry. Lifting the lid on any questions you have always wanted to know about looking good, anti ageing and much more. The approach is simple real advice, how-to videos, collaborations with brands, advice and education. Just click on the video to play! Please subscribe and we will see you again soon!